A new way to get paid

Straddle is the all-in-one platform for building better bank payments.

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Build seamless payment experiences at lower costs and without fraud

Trade in your messy identity & payments stack for a unified API – where everything is built to work together.

Deliver world-class A2A payment experiences

Offer your customers a new, fast & secure way to pay using their bank account

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    Onboard and verify customers

    Onboard your customers and have Straddle instantly analyze every dimension of consumer or business identity—name, email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, data consortiums, and more—delivered in
a single ML model.

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    Connect to their accounts

    Connect customer profiles and open banking data to create Paykeys, secure tokens that link verified identities to a payment method.

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    Create a payment

    Use paykeys to send or receive money via A2A payment rails. Smart balance verification is built-in to every request and returns real-time funds availability directly from the connected bank with every response.

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    Get paid fast

    Built-in balance confirmation, watchlist screening, & transaction monitoring help Straddle stop fraudulent or risky payments – without blocking legitimate transactions. You get paid in 24hrs.

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