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Build seamless payment experiences at lower costs and without fraud, powered by open banking.

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A2A payment infrastructure built for scale
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The payment stack of tomorrow, today.

Straddle connects the application layer to the banking rails - and everything in between - with a full-stack API.

  • Pay by Bank

    Reduce costs, fraud, and churn with smarter bank payments. Designed for businesses to pay less and ship more.

  • built-in

    Identity & KYC

    AI-powered analytics give a complete view of identity and enables the most accurate fraud & verification decisions in real-time. No selfies required.

  • This too

    Transaction Monitoring

    Stop fraudlent transactions before they happen with an embedded machine learning model that scores every transaction using data across 72 billion monthly events

  • AML/BSA Compliance

    Hyper-accurate watchlist screening that reduces false positives and eliminates onboarding friction without compromising compliance 

  • Token Agnostic

    Full API support for 3rd party tokens from major data providers so you can add Straddle to existing open banking flows. 

  • Embed

    SaaS, PayFacs, and Marketplaces can launch and manage Pay by Bank programs with instant merchant onboarding. Built on native Straddle infrastructure

  • Community

    Join our Slack channel for "always-on" dev support or just to talk shop with the founders

How It Works

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    Create a customer profile and have Straddle instantly analyze every dimension of consumer identity—name, email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, network and behavioral intelligence, and more—delivered in a single ML model.  

    Optionally add fully compliant KYC and watchlist screening with each request,

    Reduce fraud losses without compromising customer experience.

    Whats in apay
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    Verified customer tokens are used to trigger Bridge and enable direct connections to nearly any bank account in the US.  

    Bridge manages the entire token exchange behind the scenes and then matches customer identity from Step 1 to bank ownership data.

    The result is an encrypted "Wallet" returned via API - the first identity linked payment method since credit cards.

    Visual square 636 x 636 balance check
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    Use the secure Wallet to send or receive money via A2A payment rails. Smart balance verification is built-in to every request and returns real-time funds availability directly from the connected bank with every response.

    Debit like performance at a fraction of the price.

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    Your job here is done, but Straddle's is just getting started. A large-scale, real-time machine learning model and an ever-expanding global network of data - from over 34k websites - is used to instantly detect and block risky transactions.  

    We flag bad actors while trusted users sail through. 

    You get paid in 24 hours.


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